Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Army Leadership Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Army Leadership - Essay Example After much contemplation, analysis and evaluation it came to my attention that NCO regard in the military and in the face of the public has decreased substantially. The solution lies in going back to what I now realize was a â€Å"full-spectrum† NCO system. The first notable difference that is requisite for today’s NCO is the establishment of an institutional training that allows for 360-degree assessment (United States Department of the Army, 2012). This, in the past decade has degraded almost entirely. Various aspects of this profession seem to be having a lot of focus and attention whilst others seem to receive close to none. For instance, public perception has it that other than put up colorful ceremonies and carry on strenuous drills an NCO, for the most part, does nothing else. Perhaps it is because of this logic that these two areas focus on institutional preparation at the expense of other important elements. As in the previous era, NCO like all soldiers, were well rounded. This ensured that the attributes that they put out were desirable and valuable. They also need for a good balance in their emotional stability and output. Anybody that has been around long enough will attest to the fact that determination has been an important part of the stance of soldiers in previous days. This is because stance tells of personality. Regardless of how much technical knowledge one amasses, the endowment of the psychological and physiological aspects is equally significant. The current institutional training programs overlook this aspect of training. In contrast to the period spanning a decade, I cannot help but notice the difference in the outlook of first line soldiers. It is important to highlight that first line soldiers bear responsibility for those falling behind them (Center for Army Leadership, 2008). First line soldiers should

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