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Distinctively Visual - 1100 Words

Distinctively Visual The distinctively visual is a prominent characteristic in which the composer shapes a unique visual perspective for the responder to interpret. Using a variety of techniques and languages, the composer is distinctively able to create vibrant and lively visualisations within their work. The poetry of Douglas Stewart, in particular ‘Lady feeding the cats’ and ‘Nesting time’ and the image of ‘’Firefighters at twin towers attack’’ photographed by Todd Maisel are particularly effective. Douglas’ poems uniquely portray ordinary people and outsiders at touching and meaningful moments, experiences and connection with nature that creates an image to the reader the relationship of man and nature and how nature can challenge†¦show more content†¦Thus, through the initial impression of the man of the bird’s brave and challenging movements by the utilisation of poetic techniques, the reader is able to visualise the birdâ €™s characteristic it inherits and gain a deeper understanding of nature and the impression of humanity distinctively. In addition, the image Firefighters at Twin Towers attack Photograph by Todd Maisel by is distinctively visual as it challenges perceptions about the rescuers being invincible as they are presented in a defenceless state. The image depicts the struggle of the rescuers from the impact of the destruction of the 9/11 attack on the twin towers in New York in September 11th 2001. The composer portrays the image of the rescuers being a protection and guardian for the man as they carry him away from the destruction and smoke behind them. This is visually represented through the symbolism of firefighter’s uniform is ironic of them dishevelled and covered in ash showing them as invincible and getting away from the attack. Also, the close proximity of the three figures emphasizes seeking safety through connection. Furthermore, the image distinctively depicts the idea of the rescuers being defenceless through the gaze of the figure on right is directed at the camera, imploring whilst t he two other figuresShow MoreRelatedEssay on Distinctively Visual Maestro853 Words   |  4 PagesDiscuss how the distinctively visual conveys distinctive experiences in Maestro and ONE other related text of your own choosing. ORT: Edward Scissor hands- Tim Burton Through studying and analyzing ‘Maestro’ ,written by Peter Goldsworthy, and by viewing and analyzing the film ‘Edward Scissorhands’ directed by Tim Burton, it is evident that the composers of these texts allow the audience to see distinctive experiences with our eyes as well as with our minds through distinctively visual. The many visualRead MoreHenry Lawson Distinctively Visual979 Words   |  4 PagesOur study of the distinctively visual deepens our understanding of the world and those who inhabit it. Distinctively visual techniques are skilfully employed by Henry Lawson and Kriv Stenders to deepen our understanding of the world of the Australian outback and those who inhabit it, through their struggles and independence with some humour applied to the stories. These visual effects allow us to get a better understanding of the feelings of the characters and relate their life lessons to ourRead MoreDistinctively Visual Learning and Teaching Program8860 Words   |  36 PagesngTitle: Distinctively Visual | Concept: How are images we see and visualise in texts created? | Language Modes: speaking, reading, writing, listening, viewing, ICT | Outcomes: | | | 1. A student demonstrates understanding of how relationships between composer, responder, text and context shape meaning. 2. A student demonstrates understanding of the relationships among texts. 5. A student analyses the effect of technology and medium on meaning. 6. A student engages with the detailsRead MoreDistinctively visual Henry Lawson speech Essay864 Words   |  4 Pagesï » ¿Through the peculiarities of characterisation and the distinctively visual we experience the impact of place on people. Distinctively visual language shows the similarities and differences between characters and environment with the use of vivid imagery. The distinctively visual is able to create detailed setting, characters and place. Through the distinctively visual Henry Lawson and Tim Burton convey interesting views on environment and human interactions, and their affect on people and societyRead MoreShoe Horn Sonata Distinctively Visual Themes1487 Words   |  6 PagesDistinctively Vis ual Image Page 52 â€Å"On the other side of our barbed wire fence were twenty or thirty Aussie men – as skinny as us – and wearing slouch hats. Unlike the Japs, they had hairy legs. And they were standing in rows – serenading us.† John Misto created a written visual image that comes through in Act 1 Scene 7 (Page 52). This is brought up in the play when Bridie and Sheila are being interviewed by Rick (Host), they were originally talking about the conditions that they were in, how theyRead MoreCompare The Ways The Distinctively Visual Is Created In Crouching Tiger925 Words   |  4 Pagesï » ¿X Compare the ways the distinctively visual is created in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and in one other related text of your choosing. The use of distinctively visual images allows an audience to perceive and distinguish the composer’s specific representation. From these distinctive visuals, the audience’s perceptions force them to respond in a particular way.  In ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’, Ang Lee utilises a range of film techniques to position his audience through a combination of quietRead MoreCompare the Ways the Distinctively Visual Is Created in Run Lola Run and in One Other Related Text of Your Own Choosing?941 Words   |  4 PagesCompare the ways the distinctively visual is created in Run Lola Run and in ONE other related text of your own choosing? Distinctively visual is one which the composer of the text uses visual, spoken and written language to position the reader to elicit their ideas. This is a powerful means to enhance the appeal of texts for viewers. Tom Tykwer’s film Run Lola Run includes Distinctively Visual scenes throughout the whole film using Symbolism. The exhilarating film takes the viewer through an intenselyRead MoreThe Value of Art1884 Words   |  8 Pagesart. First, he needs to learn to distinguish between is what art is, and what art is not. A definition of art is difficult to create, and is still in debate to this day. Adajian, a writer explained one of arts many definitions in this way, One distinctively modern, conventionalist, sort of definition focuses on arts institutional features, emphasizing the way art changes over time, modern works that appear to break radically with all traditional art, and the relational properties of artworks thatRead MoreEnglish Essay1042 Words   |  5 PagesDist inctively visual representations allow the audience to envisage different purposes crafting emotions which stay with us forever. Graphic depiction is a fundamental characteristic within distinctively visual, thus the audience is able to be exposed to the intense illustrations exemplified by composers. Spudvilla’s portrayal of â€Å"Woolvs in the sitee† demonstrates the child’s inability to reconcile with himself. Contrasting to this notion; the playwright â€Å"Shoe-horn Sonata† to expose the brutal realityRead MoreRun Lola Run Essay924 Words   |  4 PagesIn hat way does the distinctively visual influence your understanding of people and the events within texts? Distinctively visual texts aim to manipulate the we perceive images critically affecting our interpretation of events and people we meet in our lives. Distinctively visual techniques are utilised in the ‘Run Lola Run’ directed by Tom Tykwer and the picture book ‘Red Tree’ written by Sean Tan. The way the distinctively visual is shown throughout these texts is through the use of motifs

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